Hey everyone! Summer has been so busy! I’m still nannying 3 days a week, trying to fit in visits to the pool or creek while it’s super hot, and do all the usual mom jobs and house chores, as well as find a more local childcare job. We took a week long trip to the West Coast to visit my dad and grandpa, as well as several friends, at the end of July. It was my husband’s first time visiting my family out West and getting to know some of my old haunts. And it was also my daughter’s first time out West and going to the ocean!!! (We actually only live a few hours from the Atlantic, but the Pacific was her first beach experience!) She was not a fan of the waves, but enjoyed looking for beach rocks and seashells.

Since our return, I have been bombarded with Birthdays! In our family we have 8 birthdays in July/August, including my own on the 31st of this month. So beyond that, I was contacted to make a custom order toddler costume. Yay! I love to sew, I really want to make a living off of my creative endeavors. Sew much fun! Ok ok, enough with the corny jokes. I was happy to oblige, and created this darling little 18 month girls costume for the Renaissance Festival! Take a peek at the photos below to see some of the various steps that go into the assembly and completion of a costume. Love making them!


Hope you enjoy and that everyone has been loving their Summer/Winter, depending on where you are in the world! Keep me in mind should you be in search of your next costume!