Forgive me for being M. I. A. lately! Ever the procrastinator, I have been working busily the past few weeks on getting items made, planning my set-up, writing lists of things I need, etc. for my first Homestead Festival! Besides that, I am a mom to a toddler and a dog, make the meals, nanny part time, keep the household running as best as I can. Enough said. It’s been hectic, to say the least. So I have been trying to be responsible and not get online as much and spend more time working-lets face it, the internet can be a huge time stealer!

Since a homestead festival is not really a place to push renaissance or medieval costumes-I decided to make some other handmade items that may be of better use to patrons. For the sewing: Aprons, potholders, and baby bonnets! I found some really pretty and fun fabrics that I thought were great for summer, homesteading, with a little Irish thrown in! I personally do not own an apron and I have no idea why. I always spill something on myself when I cook or bake, so after the festival, I’m totally making one for myself! The bonnets are adorable, and reversible! So you get two in one, you can’t beat that. Little ones grow so fast, may as well get as much use out of a cute bonnet as you can. My daughter LOVES hats so I am going to make her one or two later on.

I’ve been working steadily-as my daughter allows-to get items cut out, assembled and finished. This never happens as quickly as I had hoped. Now I am in the eleventh hour and rushing to finish everything I want to have ready to go. But I am one of those crazy people that works harder at the last minute! So this is nothing new to my way of life.

There will be other non-sewn items at my tent as well. I’ll be sharing more photos after the event!

I have been having fun learning to make these new things-and can’t wait to share them (and hopefully sell them!). I’ve been a patron of festivals for years, it’s going to be exciting and different to be on the vendor side of things. I know there is much to learn and have been scouring pinterest for some tips beforehand. After Homestead Fest I will definitely be coming up with my must-have list to share! And I will have better pictures! I just wanted a quick glimpse to document my progress.

Only a few days to go, wish me luck! 🙂