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I’m excited for the Spring! Aren’t you? Even though we have some cold days coming back around here in WV this week, signs of Spring are everywhere! The snowdrops, crocus, and daffodils are in bloom. The willow trees and forsythia bushes are budding. Our neighbors rooster is obnoxiously loud…hahaha (Is he twitterpated?)

Winter is my *least* favorite season because of the cold and being holed up in the house. We actually had an extremely mild winter for our area, so I can’t complain too much, but I am beyond ready for warmer weather!

To celebrate the beginning of March, I decided to try out an Irish recipe for Barm Brack, or fruit bread. OMG-it is so good! I was surprised it barely uses any sugar, but ends up being naturally sweet from the fruit, and not overpowering.

Now, Barm Brack is traditionally made around Halloween, or Samhain; but I felt a strong pull to make some sweet bread as Winter comes to a close, and this seemed perfect. When the barm brack is finished baking, it has almost a sour dough type of crust. It is a dense, dessert bread, that tastes great by itself. Or you can enjoy with copious amounts of butter, like I did. 😉

I don’t have permission to post the recipe I used, but I can point you toward the direction of the awesome cookbook I found it in, The Complete Irish Pub Cookbook. (I am not currently using affiliate links-just wanted to share!)  There are so many amazing recipes in this cookbook, I can’t wait to try more! And if you are interested in Irish trad recipes, you won’t be disappointed. They cover appetizers, breads, sides, main courses, desserts and some excellent mixed drinks!

Have you made barm brack before? Do you have any bread recipes you think I should try? Please let me know in the comments!