Some simple motivation for those that may need it!

Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try. There’s a saying, “If you never try, then you never know” that is so true. You can apply this to anything: applying for a new job in a different field, going on a date with someone new, moving to a new town, the list goes on…. If you never take a risk or chance, you never know if that would be one of the greatest moves you could make in your life!

I think we all experience fear of failing to some degree. Failing sucks. It really does. And repeated attempts can wear you down to where you don’t even want to bother going for your wanted outcome.

Be resilient. Humans haven’t evolved to where we are because the early humans gave up.

I am personally learning to just keep going, keep learning from everything that happens. Anything can be a pivotal learning experience in your life. Take the bad with the good. There is always a positive, if you really look for it!

What is something are you afraid of doing or trying? Please share!