I have plenty of good intentions. I make all kinds of to-do lists and create plans of things to get done each day and week. Life somehow always gets in the way, and I have difficulty keeping up with my lists. I feel so much better when I can cross things off, and feel a sense of accomplishment. When things aren’t getting completed, I feel like a slacker. I think this happens to a lot of us!


I will admit, I am a huge procrastinator. I find my biggest problem is that I have a hard time finding a balance between taking care of my daughter, my nanny job, my classes and schoolwork, keeping up with house work and trying to fit in crafting and sewing. I know some people are great at the balancing act, but I am personally not great at multi-tasking.

Planners have gotten me so far, but I think subconsciously they overwhelm me. There are too many options! I really like simple and basic. I have been trying to find a method that works for scheduling my time appropriately so that I will actually stick with it. At this point I have gone back to basics and chosen to utilize a simple calendar. Yup, just a basic monthly calendar. I find making a monthly calendar in Word has been really helpful for me at keeping up with when bills are due, where I have to be each day, and when I have time for crafting. Things get scheduled in a straightforward way, without ever getting overwhelmed by too many lists.

Here’s a sample of my calendar for February:


If you’re interested in trying out my calendar method, I have created a blank one for free download! If you prefer simple like I do, this is a great option to try to stay on top of your schedule. I use mine on the computer (since I’m on it most days anyway) but you can also print it out and write your schedule by hand if that’s more your style.


Let me know if this method works for you!

‘Til next time!