Welcome 2017!

I hope you had a great holiday season! My family did! We welcomed the new year with a shotgun salute. (That’s how we do it in West Virginia.) My daughter wasn’t too sure about that, but she was ok considering it was the first time she saw and heard one fired. My brave kid.

I am excited to see what this year brings. I gave up on resolutions years ago, I think creating goals is a better plan. Most people make resolutions and, well, they never complete them! When you make a goal or goals, begin by making some realistic ones. Once you achieve those, it’s easier to make bigger goals that may require more effort. If you start off small and meet your first goal, then it is easier to make yourself believe you can meet future goals! I am working on a small list of goals to kick off the year.

My first goal is to do a 30-day challenge of going outside for a minimum of 30 minutes. I started on January 1st. Well, the first day was beautiful and my daughter and I played outside a couple of times. Since then it’s either rained all day, been super cold, or snowed. So I haven’t been doing as well with it as I had hoped. But I plan to make up for the days I missed and continue on into February if need be! In fact, even though it’s a 30-day challenge, my real goal is to make it a normal everyday occurrence. I am really bad about not going outside much in general. My husband makes comments about it all of the time, as he’s a huge outdoor fan. I am trying to force myself to disconnect from technology more often and spend more time in nature, playing with our daughter. It’s better for my health, and it’s certainly better for her health and upbringing.

If you’re interested in the Rewild Your Life 30-day Challenge, go to http://learn.wearewildness.com/p/rewildyourlife/

(I am NOT affiliated with the page, nor am I receiving any kickbacks for linking.) I really believe in their cause and inspiring my fellow humans to unplug and rewild themselves!

The next couple of goals on my list is to spend time working on my crafts several times a week, and to take more time to color!! My husband got me two beautiful adult coloring books for Christmas, and I have been enjoying working in them. I’ll post a photo once I complete a picture.

What are your goals for 2017?